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We know that nobody wants to hear that they need to lose a tooth. But sometimes an extraction is the most appropriate way to preserve the health of your remaining teeth or relieve your pain.

This procedure is performed if one or more of your teeth is damaged beyond repair. This is most commonly due to advanced gum disease, severe tooth decay, or serious infection. We may also need to extract teeth if we are planning for orthodontic treatment and your teeth are severely crowded, or if we are preparing for dentures.

Your comfort matters to us, and Drs. Alman and Katz are both dedicated to providing comfortable treatment. We won’t perform any treatment until we are sure that you are numb and comfortable. We’ll also provide you with instructions for how to properly care for yourself following your procedure. Follow these instructions carefully to avoid any possible complications. Stocking your fridge or pantry with soft foods will help you be prepared for the next couple of days following your extraction. Avoid drinking through a straw or smoking since these actions can dislodge the clot needed for proper healing. Fortunately, mouths heal quickly, and you should feel better soon.

If you have any questions or concerns about our treatment recommendation, please let us know. We’ll take the time to discuss your condition with you and explain why we feel that extraction is the most appropriate treatment option. In most cases, we prefer to save teeth, but there are some situations where extraction truly is the best solution for protecting your overall dental health.

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7820 Glades Road Suite 250,
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